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16th July 2019 King Charles Street, London

Professor Graham Ball

Chief Scientific Officer at Intelligent OMICS Ltd.

Omic Studies : The Future of Medicine

Professor Graham Ball holds a chair in Bioinformatics at Nottingham Trent University and is Chief Scientific Officer at Intelligent OMICS Ltd, a company specialising in providing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to molecular biomedical problems. He has developed Insilico methods for the analysis of omics data, facilitating the discovery of diagnostic biomarkers, the modelling […]

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27th June 2019 King Charles Street, London

Dr. Aakanksha Upadhyay

Advisor, Newton Fund India

Celebrating women in science

Someone rightly said, the only barrier to promotion should be talent and effort. But women who account for almost 50% of the world’s population, whose contributions to our society are key to its functioning, despite exceling in a variety of fields have abysmal representation in them. One such area is Science, where less than 30% […]

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2nd April 2019 King Charles Street, London

Professor Andy Cundy

School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton

Tackling the Plastics Problem – SIN India

The input and build-up of plastic debris in our oceans is a major and increasing environmental problem. Plastics now comprise the majority of debris found in the sea, and are the most durable and persistent part of it. Estimates vary, but over 100 million tonnes of plastic may now be present in the oceans. While […]

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19th March 2018 Delhi, India

Dr Amy Hochadel

Dr Amy Hochadel is the Global Cities Lead at Future Cities Catapult. Her new book, Local Leadership in a Global Era focuses on the types of policies local governments need to adopt and the behaviours they need to exhibit if they hope to thrive in the global Innovation economy.

Cross Catapult Collaboration

‘My success will not depend on what A or B thinks of me. My success will be what I make of my work.’ This quote by the namesake of the Newton-Bhabha Fund, Homi J. Bhabha, aptly describes the work of the UK Catapult Centres. Simply put, Catapults get things done when it comes to finding […]

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16th June 2017 Kolkata, India

Avatar photo

by Bruce Bucknell

Former British Deputy High Commissioner Kolkata

The end of purdah

Sometimes a name sticks. We’ve just had elections in Britain. As a general rule, British government officials should not show bias to any political party, because we serve our political leaders when they hold government office, and not in their political party role. In the period between the announcement of elections and when they are […]

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9th May 2017 Chennai, India

Cliff Dennett

Head of Business Development, Innovation Birmingham Ltd, UK

Innovation Birmingham

In March, I had the absolute delight of visiting India for the first time in my life and the whole week was an adventure, both personally and commercially. Experiencing the Indian way of life, the hospitality and incredible proactivity to doing business were all eye-opening, as was the traffic! I help run Innovation Birmingham, the […]

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13th April 2017 Kolkata, India

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by Bruce Bucknell

Former British Deputy High Commissioner Kolkata

Interviews for an education

There are many ways of gaining an education. Apart from the usual places like school, college and university, I’m a fan of travel and seeing new places (which partly explains why I became a diplomat). Meeting people who have very different lives can teach you a lot. And for a lucky few, there is all […]

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4th April 2017 New Delhi, India

Professor Toby Peters

Visiting Professor, Power and Cold Economy, University of Birmingham

India’s cool revolution

The Birmingham Energy Institute (BEI) brought out a twelve member UK delegation related to cold chain system, comprising of experts from BEI and companies to India in the week of 27 February 2017. Professor Toby Peters from BEI led this UK delegation. The aim of the visit was to forge new academic and industry collaborations, […]

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