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7th March 2014

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by Christopher Prentice

Former British Ambassador to Italy

A changing benefit system

On Tuesday 11 March a group of officials from different British government departments will be in Rome to meet their Italian opposite numbers, to explain how our benefits system has changed and how it will work for those coming into the UK. On this topic, it is important to underline that we are not trying […]

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2nd July 2013 Kingston, Jamaica

by Julia Sutherland

Deputy High Commissioner, Jamaica

Scattering and Gathering: Thoughts on Diasporas

I’ve always liked the word ‘diaspora’, which comes  from Greek and means scattering or dispersion. Before I came to Jamaica I thought of the Diaspora as referring mainly to the worldwide Jewish community.  And indeed, that community is represented here, with its roots in the immigration from Europe of those forced to convert to Christianity […]

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23rd November 2011 New York, USA

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by Danny Lopez

British Consul-General, New York

UK calling global entrepreneurs

On the morning of Thursday, 17 November, I had the privilege of attending a panel forum on the topic of immigration featuring New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Toronto Mayor David Miller, and Grupo Salinas Founder & Chairman Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego. The panel, moderated by New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas […]

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