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27th May 2014 Washington DC, USA

Maeve Atkins

by Maeve Atkins

Communications Officer

EU Day: Invitation Received

A nice aspect of my job is that I rarely find myself at the Embassy on a weekend, but earlier this month I happened to spend the better part of a Saturday volunteering my time. It was a special occasion: on 10 May, EU embassies throughout Washington opened their doors for the EU’s Annual Open […]

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9th May 2012 Washington DC, USA

by Peter Westmacott

Former Ambassador to the United States of America

Embassy Open House: Experience GREAT Britain in Washington

What is the first thing you think of when you think “United Kingdom?” Maybe it’s Buckingham Palace and the generations of kings and queens who have ruled the British Isles since Roman times. Maybe it’s the plays and poems of William Shakespeare, or the fortunes of your favourite Premier League side. Maybe it’s the complex, […]

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