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18th October 2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Sian MacLeod

by Sian MacLeod

UK Ambassador to Serbia

First Impressions

Sian and Richard at Konak knjeginje Ljubice

It’s a beautiful October day as I write.   As I sit in my Belgrade garden I see clouds of newly hatched late ladybirds, the first yellow leaves shaken by a mild breeze, warm weak sunshine and distant haze. Around me the hum of urban life is punctuated by hammering and bursts of drilling from nearby […]

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29th April 2019 Vienna, Austria

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by Leigh Turner

Ambassador to Austria and UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Vienna

Vienna Girlsday: lessons in Styrian dialect and a visit to Burgenland

Last week, for the second year running, the British Embassy Vienna took part in the “Vienna Girlsday”. I certainly learned a lot. The aim of the “Girlsday” (in German it is called “Töchtertag” or “daughters’ day”) is to introduce young women to areas of work where women are under-represented.  In the UK in 2019 we […]

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22nd November 2018 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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by Catherine Arnold

Former British Ambassador to Mongolia

Mongolia: small embassies can have a big impact

Mongolia is everything you expect. Mongolia is also everything you don’t expect. At least that’s what I found as the UK’s Ambassador. The world’s least densely populated country, which was once one of the largest empires in world history, it is a land of immense beauty and rich history. Mongolia is also a vibrant 21st […]

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5th May 2014

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by Christopher Prentice

Former British Ambassador to Italy

HRH Prince Harry in Italy on 18-19 May

‘A nation that forgets its past has no future.’ Churchill’s words are still relevant today. On the 18-19 May HRH Prince Harry will visit Italy to attend a number of events commemorating the Allied Campaign in Italy during WWII, focussing on the 70th anniversary of the Battles of Monte Cassino. We are honoured that HRH […]

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14th March 2014 Washington DC, USA

by Andrew Preston

Development Counsellor

We Stand #withSyria in DC

Saturday will mark the third anniversary of the start of the conflict in Syria. For me, Syria has been a big part of my working and personal life this week and for the last few years. In my day job we’ve been working with the US and others on ways to secure better access into Syria for […]

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19th March 2013 USA

“Snowquestration” and Innovation

On 6 March, the Washington DC weather forecasters were calling for a large snowstorm, duly named the “snowquester”, due to the unfortunate timing coming immediately after sequestration took hold on federal budgets.  Unfortunately for my colleague from Atlanta and me, our long-awaited workshop on manufacturing innovation was set to take place the same day. As […]

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1st March 2013 Washington DC, USA

by Peter Westmacott

Former Ambassador to the United States of America

Science that helps keep us safe

On Wednesday evening we gave a reception at the British Embassy for scientists, soldiers and senior government officials from the US and the UK. The event was organised around a workshop presided by Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman of King’s College, London and Professor Eli Berman of UC San Diego, with the support of Research Councils […]

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24th January 2013 Dublin, Ireland

Robin Barnett

by Robin Barnett

Former Ambassador to Ireland, Dublin

PM Cameron’s speech on Britain and the EU

You will of course be aware that David Cameron, our Prime Minister, delivered a major speech on Europe in London on 23 January.  It has received a lot of coverage in the Polish media and Foreign Minister Sikorski commented on it on 24 January. The speech is a very clear commitment to keeping the UK […]

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3rd May 2012 New York, USA

A Sojourn in Steel City

Known as the “City of Bridges,” Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice. Last week, on 26 April, the newest one was unveiled; a metaphorical bridge, admittedly, in the form of the posting of a UK Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) officer to the Pittsburgh area-based National Cyber-Forensics Training Alliance (NCFTA) marks the forging of an […]

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