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24th October 2016 Mumbai, India

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by Uma Patil

Science & Innovation Adviser

Industrial biotechnology mix: fermentation, fuels and festivals

In India it is believed every new activity should be planned on an auspicious day for future success. So when the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN) organised a 3-day programme in Mumbai and Chennai for UK academics it fell (somewhat coincidentally) across Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid and Onam from 12-14 September 2016. Industrial biotechnology is […]

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2nd November 2014 London, UK

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by Philip Parham

UK Commonwealth Envoy, former British Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates

What’s in a date?

For as long as they have recorded themselves, humans have divided time – by the cycles of the sun (or rather the earth) and the moon, by the visibility of the constellations, by the migration of prey and the growth of crops, and by the anniversaries of the events and heroes through whose prisms they […]

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