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10th July 2015

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by Nigel Baker

Ambassador to the Holy See (2011-2016)

Pope Francis and Bolivia

The following is a guest blog by Steve Townsend, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy to the Holy See Pope Francis is currently in Latin America, visiting Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. There is a particular interest for me, as I spent over three years in Bolivia as Deputy Head of Mission, which left me with many […]

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30th September 2013 Geneva, Switzerland

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by Bob Last

Head, UK Mission Political and Human Rights Team

Sleepwalking, Stress and Civil Society

Council sessions are bad for your health. So bad, in fact, that I’m thinking of inviting colleagues from the World Health Organisation along to the next session to see if they agree with me that all delegates should be issued with a health warning so that they can take suitable precautions at the outset. The […]

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