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10th May 2021 Skopje, North Macedonia

Rachel Galloway

Her Majesty's Ambassador to North Macedonia

Media Freedom

We have all faced challenges during the pandemic that have impacted on our way of living.  Media workers found themselves on the frontlines from the very start. Journalists, photographers, camerapersons while doing their jobs put their lives at risk, reporting on daily events to inform and protect the public’s interest. Last week we marked World […]

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3rd May 2021

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by Matt Field

British Diplomat

A price for freedom

Of the many freedoms that make up a democratic and fair society, the importance of freedom of media is one of the most often overlooked. World Press Freedom Day is a chance to remind ourselves of the crucial work being done by independent journalists, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all over the world, and to […]

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9th December 2020

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by Kanbar Hossein Bor

Coordinator, Global Campaign for Media Freedom

The frontline of defending media freedom

Around the world, media freedom is under attack. In the last decade, over 1000 journalists and media workers have been killed. They face a multitude of challenges, from violence to repressive laws. Yet, their role in our societies could never be more vital. In the battle between facts and falsehoods, journalists play a key role […]

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15th July 2019 Dublin, Ireland

Robin Barnett

by Robin Barnett

Former Ambassador to Ireland, Dublin

Media freedom and the protection of female journalists online

Welcome to the first edition of my blog. I intend to use it to share both reflections on important policy issues and some more personal impressions from my experiences here in Dublin and right across the beautiful country of Ireland. Today, however, I would like to focus on the incredibly important topic of media freedom. […]

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