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15th October 2020 Colombo, Sri Lanka

From applicant, scholar to panellist: A nervous Chevening journey

Nerves, nerves, and more nerves aptly describes my entire Chevening application experience. I was a bundle of nerves from the point of filling out the lengthy application online to that heart-racing moment I clicked open the acceptance email from the Chevening Secretariat. And this year – as I sat on the interview panel, grading the […]

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8th October 2020 Skopje, North Macedonia

Dominic Otway

Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy Skopje

Secrets of writing a good Chevening application

We’re always excited when we launch the annual Chevening Scholarship fund.  We’ll be spending the next few weeks hoping to encourage as many good quality applications as possible before the closing date on 3 November.  Through a scholarship you can gain a world-class education, experience the UK’s diverse and welcoming culture, and become part of […]

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8th October 2020 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adnan Muminović

Chevening Scholar

When things appear too good to be true, they usually are. Except for when they are not…

About a year ago, I decided to quit my job in Sarajevo and move to London in order to pursue my second master’s in something called Psychology of Economic Life. Inevitably, as part of that decision, several others had to be made as well. Those included, but were not limited to, the decision to trade […]

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30th September 2020 Skopje, North Macedonia

Rachel Galloway

Her Majesty's Ambassador to North Macedonia

A hidden gem in the Pelagonia region

Two years into my posting as British Ambassador to North Macedonia, September was my first month working for the recently merged Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the whole team coming back fully into the Embassy and adapting to the “new normal”. With my Embassy team, we have been working remotely and in groups from the […]

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30th May 2020 Maldives

Caron Röhsler

by Caron Röhsler

British High Commissioner to Maldives

Meeting Maldives

Before I came to Maldives, my non-resident predecessor told me that being the first resident UK Ambassador* to Maldives would provide a great opportunity to get out to islands that diplomats hadn’t reached in many a year. In my previous posting, in Seychelles, I’d been limited to a small number of affordable islands. So I […]

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3rd December 2019 Skopje, North Macedonia

Besart Ljachi

Chevening Scholar

Greening the Macedonian environmental behaviour: Let’s try a proven approach

It is that time of the year again. The air gets foggy and our vision blurry, but ironically, this is the time when we can clearly see (and smell) our most critical issue. According to the World Health Organization, around 2,574 deaths annually can be attributed to the air pollution. In addition, the World Bank […]

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28th November 2019 Skopje, North Macedonia

Frosina Antonovska

Chevening Scholar

Greening Western Balkans’ Environmental Behaviour

When it comes to tackling any of the environmental threats that humanity is faced with today, the first key challenge is to raise the awareness of the problem and the need for change of behaviour. This is a worldwide quest, and definitely not unique to the Western Balkan region. However, it is evident that Western […]

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15th October 2019 Skopje, North Macedonia

Rachel Galloway

British Ambassador

Bitola Babam Bitola

In pursuing my goal of visiting local cities and exploring local communities, last week my destination was Bitola city. While on the road, I was excited to learn a few words and expressions in the local dialect as I had heard so much about its uniqueness. Fortunately, my first attempts were mostly well received by […]

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20th September 2019 Beirut, Lebanon

Chris Rampling MBE

by Chris Rampling MBE

British Ambassador to Lebanon

12 months in Lebanon: ‘It can sometimes be hard to stay optimistic … but here’s why I do’

This time last year was one of the highlights of my career – presenting Queen Elizabeth’s letter to President Aoun that nominated me as Ambassador. The anniversary has allowed reflection on the year: for Lebanon, and for the UK. My first 12 months in Lebanon has been remarkable. Rolls Royce and MEA signed our largest […]

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28th August 2019 Skopje, North Macedonia

Rachel Galloway

British Ambassador to North Macedonia

Poetry, education, diverse cultures and traditions – my first visit to Struga

As much as I enjoy living and working in Skopje, it’s always a great pleasure when I get to visit other places across the country. Last week I had the honour of attending the opening of the Struga Poetry Festival, the world’s oldest consecutive running poetry festival. It was moving to hear poets from around […]

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