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9th May 2017 Chennai, India

Cliff Dennett

Head of Business Development, Innovation Birmingham Ltd, UK

Innovation Birmingham

In March, I had the absolute delight of visiting India for the first time in my life and the whole week was an adventure, both personally and commercially. Experiencing the Indian way of life, the hospitality and incredible proactivity to doing business were all eye-opening, as was the traffic! I help run Innovation Birmingham, the […]

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11th April 2017 Delhi, India


by Shivani Sharma

Senior Adviser, Science and Innovation Network

Exploring opportunities in marine science and technology

The Indian Ocean region is abundant with resources, particularly in the sectors of fisheries, aquaculture, ocean energy, sea-bed mining and minerals. Oceans have immense potential that needs to be harnessed in a balanced manner, where its preservation and health are given their due importance. The UK has world-leading strengths in marine technologies (robotics and autonomous […]

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24th October 2016 Mumbai, India

Uma Patil

by Uma Patil

Science & Innovation Adviser

Industrial biotechnology mix: fermentation, fuels and festivals

In India it is believed every new activity should be planned on an auspicious day for future success. So when the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN) organised a 3-day programme in Mumbai and Chennai for UK academics it fell (somewhat coincidentally) across Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid and Onam from 12-14 September 2016. Industrial biotechnology is […]

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12th October 2016 Delhi, India

Tamil Selvan Chandru

by Tamil Selvan Chandru

Senior Adviser - Newton Fund India

India’s tech start-up acceleration and supporting success

The UK Science and Innovation Network is running interactive workshops to support Technology Business Incubators (TBIs) in India through a series of workshops across 4-cities who have confirmed interest in this area. These cities are Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Pune. The aim of this workshop is to share the best practices from established TBI managers, […]

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11th May 2016 Delhi, India

Anshika Jha

by Anshika Jha

UK Intellectual Property Office’s (UK IPO) Attaché

IP smart toolkit for doing business in India launched

British Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai, Bharat Joshi, launched a toolkit to guide foreign companies through an “IP smart” approach to doing business in India on 20 April 2016 in Chennai. The launch has been reported widely by local press. The toolkit is the result of a research project undertaken by IP Dome Strategy Advisors, […]

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8th December 2015 Chennai, India

Bharat Joshi

by Bharat Joshi

British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai


As I look outside at bright sunny skies, it’s almost impossible to recall what the last 3 weeks have been like. Chennai has been battered by the highest rains in over a century. The BDHC closed for 3 days when the electrical supply room flooded, and the power had to be switched off but this […]

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30th November 2015 Mumbai, India

Vijay Iyer

by Vijay Iyer

Senior Science & Innovation Adviser

India-UK collaboration in intellectual property

Last month, Neil Feinson and Andrew Davidson, both from the International Policy Directorate of the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO), visited India – Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi. We met with representatives of government, industry, and society to discuss how India and the UK could collaborate in the increasingly important area of IP rights. Herein, […]

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27th November 2015 Chennai, India

Bharat Joshi

by Bharat Joshi

British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai

A Very Unlikely Ambassador

Today I celebrate 20 years in the Foreign Office. I joined, like many others, because I wanted to see the world and be a part of something that mattered. I remember during the induction a colleague who was less awed by the surroundings asking how long it would take to get promoted (answer 12 years if […]

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7th October 2015 Mumbai, India

Vijay Iyer

by Vijay Iyer

Senior Science & Innovation Adviser

IPEX-2015 in Chennai

Last month, I spoke at the 6th edition of the IPEX-2015 conference in Chennai from 25-26 September. This meeting, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, brought together thought leaders from the government, industry, and academia. Through my talk, I shared the UK’s best practices in intellectual property (IP) prosecution and enforcement.  On prosecution, I […]

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26th June 2015 Mumbai, India

Sheryl Anchan

by Sheryl Anchan

Science and Innovation Adviser

Global challenges, affordable solutions

Ever wondered what happens when medicine, research and innovative technologies come together? One result is mind-blowing breakthroughs and techniques that better help the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  With this in mind we brought together experts from India and the UK to discuss the potential for collaborative partnerships in affordable medical technologies. We held joint […]

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