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19th March 2018 Delhi, India

Dr Amy Hochadel

Dr Amy Hochadel is the Global Cities Lead at Future Cities Catapult. Her new book, Local Leadership in a Global Era focuses on the types of policies local governments need to adopt and the behaviours they need to exhibit if they hope to thrive in the global Innovation economy.

Cross Catapult Collaboration

‘My success will not depend on what A or B thinks of me. My success will be what I make of my work.’ This quote by the namesake of the Newton-Bhabha Fund, Homi J. Bhabha, aptly describes the work of the UK Catapult Centres. Simply put, Catapults get things done when it comes to finding […]

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5th October 2016 Bangalore, India

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by Murtaza Khan

Deputy Head of Science & Innovation, India

UK-India science and innovation is at the heart of ‘Unbeatable Combination’

UK and India’s research investments have grown enormously. In 2008, £1 million had been invested – today that figure stands at over £200 million. The continued excellence of the UK research base and innovation ecosystem makes us perfect partners. Our aim to build strong and systemic relationships is no better demonstrated by the Newton Fund. […]

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12th July 2016 Bangalore, India

Corin Wilson

First Secretary Advanced Engineering, UKTI India

From lamb biryani to Land Rovers

The UK and Make in India – ‘a recipe for success?’ As a young boy in London I grew up watching my father spending almost every Saturday cooking curry in our kitchen. I eagerly watched the clock tick down until dinner-time when I could finally see what my father had made. Little did I know […]

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14th December 2015 Bangalore, India

Sunil Kumar M

by Sunil Kumar

Senior Science & Innovation Adviser

A whirlwind tour to UK’s manufacturing research centres

Unlike other visits to the UK, this one was different. I and my colleague Vijay Jasuja from UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) went on a tour to the UK with an interesting and vibrant mix of academics and R&D Heads of Indian manufacturing companies to visit the high value manufacturing catapults and universities from October […]

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