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29th December 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

2014 – Celebrating Friendship between Britain and Bulgaria

by His Excellency the British Ambassador to Bulgaria Jonathan Allen When we began this year with the intention to mark the centenary of the Ambassador’s Residence, we could not have imagined how successful and interesting our year would be. Amongst the many events that we planned, the most successful and most interesting has been our blog. Just […]

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5th December 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Around Bulgaria

by Selby Martin Selby Martin was Head of Chancery and Consul, a position later renamed as Deputy Head of Mission, at British Embassy Sofia in the early 1970s. Our main pastime was travelling round Bulgaria enjoying its magnificent scenery, the churches, monasteries and historic towns. I had taken fishing tackle with me and hoped to fish […]

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18th September 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria


by Andy Anderson Andy Anderson moved to the Bulgarian city of Ruse in 1998 to work as Technical Director for the United Nations Beautiful Bulgaria Project, which renovated hundreds of monuments of culture and historic buildings across Bulgaria. Today, 16 years later, Andy still lives in Ruse and is also putting together a book about the British community […]

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22nd July 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Our Bulgaria in the 1960s

by Margaret Heath, Clare Staughton and Nick Heath Lady Heath lived in Sofia in the early 1960s while her husband – Sir Mark Heath – was British Consul and Deputy British Ambassador to Bulgaria. They stayed in Sofia with their three young children. Two of them – Clare and Nick – also share childhood memories of Bulgaria in […]

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4th July 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian Life

by Mel Barber Mel Barber fell in love with Bulgaria, the Bulgarian people and the Bulgarian way of life almost straight after coming to the country. After spending only a month in their recently-bought holiday house in Bulgaria, Mel and her boyfriend decided to move to the country permanently. Today, five years later, they enjoy life in the […]

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9th June 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria of My Childhood – The Poetry of Those Years

by Helen Dexter (nee Bartlett) Helen Dexter grew up in Bulgaria. Her parents came in the country in 1955 on a two-year contract to work as English teachers, but have stayed for 11 years. Helen has had a very strong connection with Bulgaria since then. She speaks fluent Bulgarian and returned to Bulgaria with her husband Phil Dexter, […]

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27th May 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria – Where My Teaching Journey Began

by Phil Dexter Phil Dexter worked as British Council teacher and Teacher Coordinator in Sofia in the period 1987-1994. In Bulgaria, he set up and developed centres for self-access English lessons for students from secondary foreign language schools – a project that is now successfully used in other British Council representatives around the world. Phil has many dear memories from […]

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