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27th August 2015 Sofia, Bulgaria

Radostina Karageorgieva, Simoneta Bozhinova, Yoan Stanev, Sofiya Kalinova, Svetoslav Tsvetkov, Sahar Hasan and Svetoslav Nunev

Former and current interns at British Embassy Sofia

British Embassy Sofia Internship Scheme

“The Embassy has run an internship programme for the last few years. The interns bring to the Embassy a fresh perspective alongside gaining valuable work experience. They are usually tasked with one big “project” (based on their own interests) during their time with us but, also quickly become an important part of Embassy life. I […]

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3rd September 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

How We Brought a Subject Into the Open

by Richard Thomas Richard Thomas was British Ambassador to Bulgaria from 1989 to 1994.  “We were not sanctimonious, and we did our best to build on the goodwill and good practices that already existed. I have the happiest memories of days out at Vidrare […] seeing the children’s faces light up and sharing in the staffs’ […]

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