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29th March 2011 New York, USA

Green Growth in Pennsylvania

Guest blog by Greg Barker, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change. This week, Mr. Barker is leading a six-company business delegation to Pennsylvania, DC, North Carolina and South Carolina. An interesting lexicon is developing as our society and our global economy changes:  wOOt- an electronic expression of enthusiasm.  Bajillion- a large number.  Shovel-ready.  Game-changer- […]

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11th February 2011

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by Greg Dorey


The green race

Presidency work at the British Embassy in Budapest is not confined to formal Presidency calendar events. We are also assisting with the intensive bilateral engagement of UK Ministers and senior officials with their Hungarian counterparts. Thanks to the heightened UK interest in all things Hungarian these days, these exchanges often go beyond immediate EU policy […]

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