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22nd September 2016 London, UK

Lin Yan

Counter Terrorism Department

UN Security Council Resolution 2309 : Aviation Security

Over the past year, we have seen a growing trend of terrorists targeting civil aviation. This has included attacks on airports in Brussels and Istanbul, the destruction of the Russian Metrojet aircraft over Sinai and the explosion on board a Daallo Airways flight from Mogadishu. These tragic attacks are a stark reminder of the urgent […]

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5th July 2012 New York, USA

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by Danny Lopez

British Consul-General, New York

Airbus Crosses the Atlantic

On Monday, I had the fantastic experience of landing an Airbus 320 in London.  Well, simulating one at least, from inside a Thales full-flight simulator of an A320 at Airbus’ Miami training centre.  The flight might have been virtual, but the sweat on my brow was real, and I was definitely at my most focused. […]

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