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4th December 2013 USA

by Daniel Gallagher

First Secretary (Economics)

UK Autumn Statement

Tomorrow, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver the UK government’s Autumn Statement. We’re often asked what the Autumn Statement is and how it differs to the Budget? The Budget (usually held in the early Spring) comes at the start of the UK’s fiscal year, which runs from April to March. Budgets set the […]

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6th December 2012

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by Paul Johnston

Ambassador to Ireland

Facing up to the economic chill: Britain’s response

As winter sets in here, the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered what’s called the Autumn Statement  to Parliament in London on 5 December. The Government’s economic strategy is focussed on reducing the deficit, restoring stability, rebalancing the economy and equipping the UK to compete in the global race. The government’s new decisions relate to three […]

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