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27th November 2020 Belgrade, Serbia

Sian MacLeod

by Sian MacLeod

UK Ambassador to Serbia

Bad Air Days and Silver Linings

The global skies have been pretty dark metaphorically over past months.  They have been pretty gloomy too here literally for much of the time. I’m lucky enough to look out of my window in Belgrade at trees and sky. Sadly though that view is often rather murky, with visibility limited to the great oak trees at the end of my […]

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19th March 2018 Delhi, India

Dr Amy Hochadel

Dr Amy Hochadel is the Global Cities Lead at Future Cities Catapult. Her new book, Local Leadership in a Global Era focuses on the types of policies local governments need to adopt and the behaviours they need to exhibit if they hope to thrive in the global Innovation economy.

Cross Catapult Collaboration

‘My success will not depend on what A or B thinks of me. My success will be what I make of my work.’ This quote by the namesake of the Newton-Bhabha Fund, Homi J. Bhabha, aptly describes the work of the UK Catapult Centres. Simply put, Catapults get things done when it comes to finding […]

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