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30th November 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Doing Business in Bulgaria over the Past 30 Years

by Dr. Barbara Page-Roberts Dr. Barbara Page-Roberts is International Marketing Consultant who has been connected to Bulgaria for many years. “I have spent the most of the past 30 years in Bulgaria, and I consider it to be a privilege that I live here permanently for the past ten.” – Dr. Barbara Page Roberts On the face […]

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23rd October 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Memories from Sofia

by Prof. Richard Crampton In his story for the #100UKBG series, the renowned British historian Professor Richard Crampton, author of the book “A Concise History of Bulgaria”, shares memories of his frequent visits to Sofia over the years. Complement with a video of the lecture “British Perceptions of Bulgaria – Some Personal and Professional Reflections”, […]

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10th October 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia in 1987 and 1988

by Hazel Onn Hazel Onn lived in Bulgaria in the late 1980s when her husband Tony was Head of Security at British Embassy Sofia. Hazel kept many good memories of her time in Bulgaria, including of their diplomatic flat on Juliot Currie Str., Kuchia, the dog of their Russian neighbours, how once she was absolutely covered head […]

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3rd September 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

How We Brought a Subject Into the Open

by Richard Thomas Richard Thomas was British Ambassador to Bulgaria from 1989 to 1994.  “We were not sanctimonious, and we did our best to build on the goodwill and good practices that already existed. I have the happiest memories of days out at Vidrare […] seeing the children’s faces light up and sharing in the staffs’ […]

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22nd July 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Our Bulgaria in the 1960s

by Margaret Heath, Clare Staughton and Nick Heath Lady Heath lived in Sofia in the early 1960s while her husband – Sir Mark Heath – was British Consul and Deputy British Ambassador to Bulgaria. They stayed in Sofia with their three young children. Two of them – Clare and Nick – also share childhood memories of Bulgaria in […]

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10th July 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

Our House on 69 Oborishte Street

by Jane Burner Jane Burner lived in Bulgaria between 1970-1972 and 1984-1987 when her husband Alan Burner was 3rd Secretary and Deputy Head of Mission respectively at the British Embassy in Sofia. Many foreign diplomats and their families lived in the house on 69 Oborishte Street. During our second posting in Bulgaria, we lived in a house not […]

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25th June 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria

What Time Is It?

by Keneward Hill Keneward Hill has been living in Bulgaria for more than 20 years now. Linguist himself, he is also a husband of Mariana Hill, the famous interpreter from English and German to Bulgarian language. For the 100 Years UK in BG blog, Ken shared a memory of an unforgettable train ride from Bourgas […]

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