Philip Malone

Philip Malone

Ambassador to Lao PDR

Part of UK in Laos

21st October 2013 Vientiane, Laos

Laos through my eyes – Jo Smith

This article is part of a series of guest blogs contributed by Brits who have lived and worked in Laos, or who have other interesting links to Laos.

Ock Pop Tok means ‘East meets West’ in Lao. I co-founded Ock Pop Tok 13 years ago together with Luang Prabang born Veomanee Douangdala. At the time I was 24, a recent photography and film graduate from Manchester.  However, I first started working for an EU rural development project in Laos documenting their work in the field.

I couldn’t believe that something was paying me to do this, it was like a dream come true. Working in remote communities and being involved in development work is something that I have continued to grow through Ock Pop Tok.

Ock Pop Tok partners with local government teams in creating opportunities for economic development through textiles and handicrafts. I facilitate these training programmes in the villages: business, design and production skills are taught to create a platform for opportunity. Alongside these training programmes, indigenous skills and designs in the textile field are documented to act as a reference for future generations.

Back in Luang Prabang at the Living Crafts Centre this work culminates in exhibitions, lectures, classes and free tours. The centre is a resource for both locals and tourists.  As part of the wider goal to increase the awareness of Lao textiles outside of Laos, I have been privileged enough to speak at universities and museums across the globe regarding the work that Ock Pop Tok is doing.

I have been in Laos 14 years now and am committed to staying longer. Doing business in Laos is both rewarding and challenging, my mission as Laos changes is to be part of the good change and to encourage cross cultural exchanges whether they are between different ethnic groups in Laos or between east and west – as that is what Ock Pop Tok was founded to do.

About Philip Malone

Mr Malone joined the FCO in 1981. He has served in a range of FCO and overseas posts with a particular focus on South East Asia and Europe. Philip Malone…

Mr Malone joined the FCO in 1981. He has served in a range of FCO and
overseas posts with a particular focus on South East Asia and Europe.
Philip Malone LVO took up his appointment in October 2012.
Curriculum Vitae
Full name: Philip Malone LVO

Married, two children
Oct 12: Laos,  Head of MissionJan 08 – Aug 12: Helsinki, Deputy Head of MissionApril 03 – Jan 08: Singapore, Head of ChanceryApril 99 – Sept 02: FCO, Head of France/Benelux Section, EU
Bilateral Department and additionally Deputy Head of Department (March
02- Sept 02)Jan 95 – Feb 99: Bandar Seri Begawan, Second Secretary (Defence/Chancery)May 92 – Nov 94: Luxembourg, Third Secretary (Commercial/Press and Public Affairs)June 89 – Jan 92: FCO, Assistant Parliamentary ClerkOct 86 – May 89: Guatemala City, Third SecretaryOct 83 – Aug 86: Buenos Aires, Attaché1981: Joined FCO, CSCE Unit, East European and Soviet Department

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