Cristina Marcu

Former British Embassy Romania intern

Guest blogger for Paul Brummell

Part of UK in Romania

22nd July 2015

10 year internship scheme anniversary (VII): Working with UKTI

Former intern Cristina Marcu shares with us her experience on working with UKTI colleagues in our commercial department, promoting British businesses in Romania.

Cristina Marcu
Cristina Marcu

My experience with the UK Embassy inspired me greatly and few weeks after my internship experience came to an end, I was employed by the American International School of Bucharest as an Admissions Assistant and I was recently promoted to the Admissions Officer position.

I remember the day the UK Embassy contacted me and invited me to an interview. It was almost like a dream that came true, since working for the UK Embassy was my ambition. (Prior to my internship I lived in London for almost 5 years and worked as a paralegal and as an authorized immigration consultant.)

I remember the wonderful UKTI team that welcomed me dearly. I remember the joy and the happiness that overwhelmed me every single morning on my way to the Embassy, the mystery that was in the air when inside the Embassy and the heavy snow we had during that January – 2012 – that added flavor to this experience.

My time as an intern at the UK Embassy boosted up my confidence and inspired me to see Romania in a different, more positive light.  Furthermore, it was probably one of the reasons I got this wonderful job immediately after.  I would like to thank you again for the great recommendation letter you provided to the American School of Bucharest.