Beatrice Panduru

British Embassy Romania intern

Guest blogger for Paul Brummell

Part of UK in Romania

16th July 2015

10 year internship scheme anniversary (IV): How to help run a QBP

Beatrice Panduru has just recently finished her internship . She worked closely with the embassy’s events officer to deliver this year’s Queen’s Birthday Party.

Sunny days. These are the words to describe my time at the Embassy.

Taking it from the beginning, the first time I visited the embassy was when I had my interview (and it was raining a lot that day, actually). My first impression: professional and friendly staff.  And that impression didn’t change much throughout my internship.  What I came to realise was that the more I worked there, the more I enjoyed it.

I was part of the Event Management Department, and my main task was helping with organizing the Queen’s Birthday Party in Romania. The amount of work was proportional to the magnitude of the event – and it was totally worth it! I would recommend anyone to join this department for a short stay, if not for the events themselves, then definitely for having the chance of working with Laura, the department’s manager. The amount of things one can learn from her is immense and, as plus, working with her makes your days even sunnier.

Beatrice Panduru together with Events Manager Laura Radulescu during the QBP

One can safely assume they will find in the embassy a supportive working environment, where every good idea is noticed and all effort is recognized. And all the people I had the chance to work with shared the same friendly and professional attitude I was met with from the beginning.

Maybe it was because I really enjoy event managing, or maybe it was because the embassy people are amazing, but all I can say, in the end is that this was the most rewarding working experience I have had until now.