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12th August 2011

Sziget Music Festival (The British Council)

Following on from my latest blog last night, today this blog is guesting Simon Ingram-Hill, Director of the British Council in Budapest who writes the following on Pilot night:
“ Well, starting before midnight the hugs were there,  and we set to work with our  mobile British  post box – where we catch our interviewees’ e-mail addresses in a cunning move to allow us to follow up on initial interest in our services. Volunteers moved into the crowd discreetly but determinedly, enticing  the huggers  into our world with  games, tongue twisters and sound bites of exams information. It was fun but it was late and hugging  may just divert attention away from our cunning plans : so we are going to add a 6-8 pm slot for day 2 and see what that brings.  The hugging though goes on in Paradise “
So if you want to know more about this exciting initiative, visit the Paradise and Hugging Tent at the Sziget Festival today if you can. You heard it here first.