Level 4 ACCA Apprentice

Guest blogger for FCDO Careers

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7th February 2022 United Kingdom

‘Build the Future’ National Apprenticeship Week 2022

Why I chose to do an apprenticeship with the FCDO

Prior to joining FCO in 2019, I have been applying to join the Civil Service for more than three years and on countless occasions I was unsuccessful. I had then developed an interest to become an accountant and then the opportunity came to join the then FCO and to also study an accountancy qualification. It was a win-win for me and now after 2 years I have completed the apprenticeship and am now ready to begin the next stage of my accountancy studies.

My most memorable moment and successes

During my apprenticeship I covered modules on business, management accounting, financial accounting and a case study covering ethics and professionalism. In addition to this I had been entered into an end point assessment which consisted of a portfolio and a three-hour synoptic assessment which examined everything I had covered over the three modules.

I was able to apply a lot of management accounting skills such as reporting and decision making which applied directly to my role. In addition, my study of business empowered me to think like a finance professional within my role becoming aware of how the department operates and what kind of factors help it to achieve its objectives.

My portfolio for the end point assessment was praised immensely by my Learning and Development Coach. My apprenticeship provider wanted to use this as an exemplary for other students. This was a huge motivator for me as I was able to reflect on how much I achieved and how much more I wanted to achieve going forward.

How the pandemic impacted on my apprenticeship and how I overcame those barriers

When we first went into lockdown, I was due to take one of my ACCA exams. This was cancelled and I had to book an exam a few months later which I was able to do remotely. I had ended up failing the rescheduled exam and was devastated although I held my head high and powered through the resit exam and have my managers to thank for helping me out during this challenging situation. I had maintained three practices in becoming resilient over time:

1. I challenged myself to be better every day
2. I remained positive during adversity
3. I communicated with everyone around me

Three words to describe ‘working for the FCDO’

Amazing, Challenging, Eye-opening.

Why I would recommend doing an apprenticeship with the FCDO

I would recommend doing an apprenticeship with FCDO as we have staff here who are genuinely nice, helpful and supportive. There are also several opportunities to work around the world and see the kind of work we do across the globe!