Elena Mercadante

Blogs Editor

Part of Digital Diplomacy

28th July 2015 London, UK

Updated FCO blogsite – behind the scenes

Regular readers of this blog will notice that the site has a refreshingly different look about it. Having identified the need to update and simplify the current site, we have been working behind the scenes to create a template for a streamlined blog which would be more user-friendly for both bloggers and administrators, and most importantly easier on the eye for the reader.

The result? We now have:

* templates that are responsive and work across devices on IE8+ and standards compliant browsers
* a streamlined categories section so blogs will be easier to search for by theme
* a regional template, so it is easier to display regional-level listings (e.g. ‘Europe’, ‘North America’) of posts
* a custom map showing the recently-curated posts by bloggers from that region.

Our blogs are written by 60 regular bloggers at embassies and high commissions round the world, 27 multi-authored blogs such as UK in Australia and South East Asia Prosperity Fund, and a host of guest bloggers, all providing a unique insight into UK foreign policy.

As always we welcome feedback on our blogs and the new site.