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4th November 2014

Kazakhstan Armed Forces members took part at Cambrian patrol in Wales

Guest blog by Mark Wentworth, British Defence Attaché to Kazakhstan.

Eight members of the Kazakh Armed Forces recently participated in the internationally renowned Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL that takes place annually in Wales, United Kingdom.  The aim of the exercise is to “provide a challenging patrol environment in order to enhance operational capability”.

During the exercise, lasting 48 hrs, the soldiers marched 50 km, climbing over 1000m whilst carrying 25 kg of equipment per person.  On the way they conducted a series of tasks including the reconnaissance of enemy positions, a river crossing, giving orders, first aid, as well as being tested on their physical fitness and leadership capabilities.

Exercise Cambrian Patrol

After three weeks of intensive training with 1 RIFLES of the British Army, the Kazakh soldiers were more than ready for the challenge though nothing had prepared them for meeting Col-Gen Zhasuzakov, Chief of the General Staff of the Kazakh Armed Forces as they emerged from crossing the river.  He was on a visit to UK to meet his counterpart, Gen Houghton the Chief of Defence Staff of the British military, and he was delighted to see his soldiers in action.  He was even more delighted to hear that the Kazakh  soldiers were awarded a Bronze medal for their performance, a highly creditable result for their first attempt especially considering that 20% of teams fail to finish.

This was another example of the increasingly close cooperation between the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom.

Exercise Cambrian Patrol

Exercise Cambrian Patrol is an annual international military patrolling exercise that makes its participating units cover a 50-mile (80 km) course in less than 48 hrs while performing numerous types of military exercises placed throughout the rugged Cambrian Mountains and swamp lands of mid-Wales.

1 RIFLES are a Light Rolled Infantry Battalion, a unique role within the infantry. They are currently part of 160 (Wales) Brigade having previously been an element of 3 Commando Brigade.