6th November 2014 Brasilia, Brazil

From soft power to hard action – the Chevening network


As this year’s application window for Chevening scholarships moves into its final stretch (applications close on 15th November) it seems an appropriate moment to bring Chevening back into Speaker’s Corner and focus on what makes this scholarship programme such a unique tool for the work we are trying to accomplish here in Brazil.

Chevening is an opportunity – both for Brazilians and for Brits.

For Brazilians, Chevening is the chance to develop their leadership skills, to spend a year studying in some of the world’s top universities in areas as diverse as Sports Management and Finance, or Sustainable Development and Transnational crime, to learn a little more about what makes Britain GREAT and, above all, to build an international network of leaders from across the globe as well as here in Brazil.

For the Brits, it means more bridges with Brazil. After a year in UK understanding  how the British think and work, and enjoy themselves – let’s face it, anyone who goes to study in the UK has to try our “pub grub” – scholars return to Brazil with a desire to stay connected and continue to build on what they have learnt. A Chevening alumnus essentially becomes an ambassador for the UK and a key player in helping the UK build its knowledge of this continent-country.  Alumni help the British grasp the Brazilian mindset, and understand the complexities and challenges this country faces as it moves forward. Essentially, it is an opportunity for better understanding and to build partnerships for both sides.

As the UK in Brazil team implements its outreach plan, this year’s Chevening marketing drive has tried to encourage applicants from areas where, traditionally, only a few people have made it through the selection process. One of the keys to this strategy has been working together with Brazilian stakeholders. The Ambassador, DHM, Consuls General and Honorary Consuls have all been key players sharing the Chevening message whenever it has been possible be it in Florianopolis and Porto Alegre in the south or Salvador and Manaus in the north. There are potential leaders throughout Brazil and we want to talk to them.

Thanks to network support, connections are being made with Chevening alumni in Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Recife and Salvador and opportunities developed to share the scholarship programme with universities,  alumni associations, the Universidade Corporativa at SEBRAE, Industry Chambers, industrial and commercial organisations as well as private companies and sports clubs.

Transforming soft power into hard action is what Chevening is all about. As the network becomes more active so the opportunities for both Brazilians and Brits increase. We are looking for potential leaders who have vision and motivation and a project they want to take forward. We are also looking for people who are ready to build solid, long-lasting bridges between Brazil and the UK.

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About Caroline MacDonald

Caroline joined the Embassy in June 2014 to help coordinate, promote and develop the Chevening scholarship programme and alumni network here in Brazil. Before Brazil, she lived in Miami (USA)…

Caroline joined the Embassy in June 2014 to help coordinate, promote and develop the Chevening scholarship programme and alumni network here in Brazil. Before Brazil, she lived in Miami (USA) where she worked as a freelance communicator and set up the not-for-profit TEDxMiami. Caroline’s background is in Marketing and Communications and she has lived and worked in Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and France. She is passionate about connecting people and promoting cultural fluency as the key to business success.

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