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5 innovations the UK has supported alongside our international partners



We’re supporting the World Food Programme to use drones safely and effectively during humanitarian crises.


Our funding has helped working groups develop guidance on critical areas of Regulations and Operation, Imagery, Ethics and Connectivity.


Find out more about their work in this WFP blog.





We’re designing rules for responsible behaviour in space that will safeguard the cosmos for future generations.


164 UN member states voted to support the UK-led resolution and we’re continuing to encourage more states to come together on this issue.





We’re supporting Field Ready to help provide 3D-printed humanitarian products in the “field”.



Find out more on the Field Ready website.




The UK secured a historic global declaration on combatting resistance to antibiotics.


The landmark declaration, signed by 193 countries, recognised that drug-resistant infections must be tackled as a priority.


Find out more in this news story.



We worked with Global Citizen and Pabllo Vittar to bring the first drag performance to the UN.


This iconic moment brought Member States together to celebrate LGBT+ human rights.


See this Twitter thread for more information.